REDON Odilon Closed eyes 1890

BOUGUEREAU William-Adolphe Virgin and Child 1888

GEEFS Guillaume Le génie du mal 1848

HAMMERSHØI Vilhelm A Room in the Artist's Home 1901

BOTTICELLI Sandro Idealized Portrait of a Lady 1480

REMBRANDT The Holy Family with Angels 1645

ZORN Anders Omnibus 1891 or 1892

ZORN Anders Emma Zorn 1887

COT Pierre Auguste Portrait of a young woman, 1869

TENNIEL John The White Rabbit, 1865

AROSENIUS, Ivar Lillan, 1908

DOESBURG Theo van The Archer 1919

RIQUER Alexandre de Salon Pedal 1897

MEUNIER Henri Rajah 1897

BASHKIRTSEFF Marie The Umbrella 1883

BLAKE William - Mary Magdalen at the Sepulchre circa 1805

RUBENS Peter Paul Emperor Maximilian I, 1618

RAPHAEL Portrait of Bindo Altoviti c.1515

OFFTERDINGER Carl Red Riding Hood

OFFTERDINGER Carl Hansel and Gretel

RAFFAELLO Saint Francis of Assisi c.1502

CARAVAGGIO The adolescent Bacchus c.1595

CIMABUE Maesta of Santa Trinita 1280 -1290

STEINLEN Théophile-Alexandre Tour of Rodolphe Salis' Chat Noir 1896

LAMBERT George W. A sergeant of the Light Horse 1920

SOLOMON Abraham The Parting 1855

CASSATT Mary Woman Sitting with a Child in Her Arms c.1890

REMBRANDT Self-portrait drawing at a window 1648

MUCHA Alphonse Reverie 1897

RANSON Paul Elie Digitales 1899

BUNNY Rupert A summer morning 1897

HASSAM Childe The Victorian Chair 1906

TARBELL Edmund The blue veil 1899

JAKUCHŪ Itō White Cockatoo on a Pine Branch, late 18th century

GODWARD John William A Souvenir 1920

LEIGHTON Frederic Portrait of May Sartoris circa 1860

HALONEN Pekka Boy on the shore 1891-1893

SIMBERG Hugo The wounded angel 1903

BAUER John Tuvstarr is still sitting there 1913

TISSOT James The widower 1876

ROSLIN Alexander The Lady with the Veil 1768

BURNE-JONES Edward Study of a female head 1894

BROWN Ford Madox The Irish girl 1860

SANDYS Frederick Vivien 1863

MILLAIS John Everett Ophelia c. 1851

SEURAT Georges Can-can 1889

RACKHAM Arthur Freya 1910

BAUER John The Princess and the Trolls 1913